Learn how to include and locate files in ROS2, and also learn how remapping, parameters, and namespaces work in ROS2. Courses; ROS2 Workshops; For Campus; Pricing; ... What you may not know is that for namespaces in ROS2 we use a group tag, and the namespace is defined inside a push-ros-namespace tag. The namespace example in ROS2 would be:. Requires ros2/rmw#142.I first noticed this running a node with a remapped namespace, but it also happens if I hard-code a namespace.It happens: hard-coded or using static remapping; if the node uses rclcpp or rclpy; for a daemon using connext, fastrtps, or opensplice.E.g.:. ros2 component load /ns/MyContainer composition composition::Listener . Note 注意.

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